Note: This wikia is an expression of Electronic Direct Democracy. The goal of the site is online extension of the Occupy Wall Street movement directed at discussion and development of public policies.

We follow the process and goals of Occupy Wall Street ("OWS") movement and follow the general wiki rules of Wikipedia. Please be bold and create or edit any page that needs improvement. As in OWS, anyone may participate, and all voices are welcome. We have no leaders and we are all leaders. All administrators of the site are servants of the contributors to the site and are bound to carry out the will of the contributors as expressed in General Assembly concensus.

Visitors may form their own working groups and affinity groups favoring particular policy directions may wish to form in order to build concensus for particular approaches to policy problems. The coordination between groups is up to the participants.

If you have articles you would like to write defining working group issues, existing or proposed government policies, laws and regulations, these are all welcome regardless if they seem to fit in with whatever the home page and user interface may suggest.

Please feel free to use our discussion forum to comment on any topic related to this site, the process, the format or details such as the current look, previous or future approaches. The administrator of the site may be reached here.

Warm regards.


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