• Policypedia's primary task is to develop new policies within working groups as agreed to by consensus and Occupy Wall Street process. Besides working group articles, Policypedia also is intended to provide a repository of knowlege about existing or historical policies of interest to the community in order that this knowlege will help inform future policy development.
  • Policypedia DOES attempt to give a faithful representations of existing policy positions
    • This excludes denigration of the public figure, their character, suitability for public office, or mischaracterization of their policy position.
  • Policypedia DOES describe governmental policies that are designed to answer public issues.
  • Policypedia DOES encourage development of new policies within working groups.
    • Policypeida IS NOT the place to engage in political combat.
  • Speech Annotations: Policypedia Does annotate speech transcriptions and other expressions of policy positions.
    • Annotations are acceptable if they enable the reader to better understand the dimensions of policy behind the statements.
    • Argumentative annotations are not allowed. Annotations taking issue with the merits of the policy position stated are outside the scope of proper Policypedia Speech annotations.
  • Merits and criticism of a particular policy approach may be enumerated in the Pro/Con section of articles describing particular policies. Pro and con positions enumerated must provide citations if challenged to show that the POV described is faithful, and it represents a POV held by politically relevant numbers of citizens concerned with the policy.
  • Articles on existing policy should not be used as a debating forum. Such discussions are resticted to working goups in accordance with rules agreed to within the working group.. Individuals are welcome to debate issues on their User talk pages so long as they are civil, but discussions on talk pages of articles on existing policy shall be restricted to the accuracy of the description of the policy, not whether one agrees with it, or whether the author believes it will work.
  • Policypedia allows proposal of new policies within working groups. Outside of the working groups, Articles on existing policies must refer to those expressed by members of the following eligibility list:
    • a current or former public servant "Public servants" refers to any public policymaker including not only elected officials, but those appointed to commissions, or serving in a leadership position of an NGO carrying out policy
    • policies as described in a referendum or initiative
    • a "notable" expert on the policy described,
    • a candidate for public office or position
    • Resolutions and other policy positions of notable political parties.

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